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Created on 2011-04-13 09:35:04 (#793755), last updated 2011-04-13 (335 weeks ago)

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Name:Huda's Arashi Fanfics
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Community description:A community for me to share my fanfics ^^
Go here for my main LJ ~

I wrote fanfics which pairing includes any members x OHNO XD
I love any pairings which has Ohno in it Lol
so basically this community is Ohno-centric ( tho i MIGHT write other pairings as well )

My fanfics genres are mainly fluff, romance and angst.. The typical RomeoxJuliet kind mayb? ( even tho i have never watch the show but you get my drift ^^; )
So SOME of my fanfics are kind of worksafe I guess LOL

Anyway, all R and NC-17 fics will be locked so you have to join the community to read it ^^

Interests (12):

aiba/ohno, angst, arashi, drama, fanfic, fluff, jun/ohno, juntoshi, masatoshi, nino/ohno, ohmiya, ro
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